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Aberdeen Funds

The Aberdeen Global Fund is a Luxembourg-based SICAV (or open-ended investment fund) that consists of several sub-funds, each of which is available for investment. Aberdeen International Fund Managers Limited (“AIFML”), based in Hong Kong, is the appointed manager to the Fund. All the underlying sub-funds are managed by investment professionals within the Aberdeen Group.

Important Information

  • Aberdeen Global as an umbrella fund has within it different funds investing in equities or debt securities, each with different risk profile
  • Certain funds may be exposed to a single market, emerging markets, limited industry sectors, mortgage-backed securities and asset backed securities
  • Investors should note that certain funds may invest in currency forward contracts, futures and options for investment purposes and in these and other financial derivative instruments for the purpose of investment, hedging or efficient portfolio management
  • Investing in any one or the above instruments may involve substantial credit/counterparty, concentration, market and liquidity risks. If the issuers default or such securities, or their underlying assets, cannot be realised or perform badly, investors’ entire investments may be wiped out
  • The investment decision is yours but you should not invest unless the intermediary who sells it to you has advised you that it is suitable for you and has explained why, including how buying it would be consistent with your investment objectives
  • Investors should not make investment decision(s) based solely on these webpage

Certain data in these webpage has been obtained from sources from third parties and is believed to be reliable but Aberdeen International Fund Managers Limited does not guarantee the accuracy of such data. These webpage have not been reviewed by the Securities and Futures Commission.

18-Aug-2017 Prices as at 12:00pm GMT

Fund Class Currency Price Change2
Asia Pacific EquityClass A - 2 AccUSD78.0681-0.3871
Asia Pacific EquityClass A (EUR) - 2 AccEUR10.5438-0.0525
Asia Pacific EquityClass D - 2 AccGBP60.6580-0.4311
Asia Pacific EquityClass E - 2 AccEUR12.6129-0.1203
Asia Pacific EquityClass I - 2 AccUSD85.5814-0.4225
Asia Pacific EquityClass I (EUR) - 2 AccEUR12.1606-0.0604
Asian Property ShareClass A - 2 AccUSD19.6477-0.0543
Asian Property ShareClass A (EUR) - 2 AccEUR8.8256-0.0243
Asian Property ShareClass I - 2 AccUSD1741.5377-4.7830
Asian Smaller CompaniesClass A - 2 AccUSD44.5372-0.0980
Asian Smaller CompaniesClass D - 2 AccGBP34.4935-0.1498
Asian Smaller CompaniesClass I - 2 AccUSD48.6069-0.1059
Asian Smaller CompaniesClass Z (EUR) - 2 AccEUR11.2451-0.0248
Australasian EquityClass A - 2 AccAUD37.9982-0.0585
Chinese EquityClass A - 2 AccUSD26.1399-0.1505
Chinese EquityClass A (EUR) - 2 AccEUR10.0424-0.0582
Chinese EquityClass D - 2 AccGBP20.2547-0.1602
Chinese EquityClass I - 2 AccUSD28.6047-0.1640
Eastern European EquityClass A - 2 AccEUR99.9450-1.0738
Eastern European EquityClass I - 2 AccEUR2284.5646-24.4941
Emerging Markets EquityClass A - 2 AccUSD70.9524-0.3823
Emerging Markets EquityClass D - 2 AccGBP55.2730-0.4167
Emerging Markets EquityClass E - 2 AccEUR15.6541-0.1561
Emerging Markets EquityClass I - 2 AccUSD77.2371-0.4145
Emerging Markets Smaller CompaniesClass A - 2 AccUSD19.0110-0.0677
Emerging Markets Smaller CompaniesClass D - 2 AccGBP14.7074-0.0839
Emerging Markets Smaller CompaniesClass I - 2 AccUSD20.6744-0.0731
European EquityClass A - 2 AccEUR48.0526-0.6058
European EquityClass I - 2 AccEUR1306.0711-16.4370
European EquityClass U - 2 AccUSD10.8019-0.0865
European Equity (ex-UK)Class A - 2 AccEUR12.7815-0.1395
European Equity (ex-UK)Class D - 2 AccGBP11.6396-0.0987
European Equity DividendClass A - 1 IncEUR153.1472-2.0349
European Equity DividendClass A - 2 AccEUR195.7820-2.6014
European Equity DividendClass A (USD) - 2 AccUSD196.7293-2.6203
European Equity DividendClass I - 2 AccEUR2097.2827-27.8207
Indian EquityClass A - 2 AccUSD154.4011-1.0920
Indian EquityClass D - 2 AccGBP119.9373-1.1065
Indian EquityClass I - 2 AccUSD168.9550-1.1914
Japanese EquityClass A - 2 AccJPY478.1970-4.8872
Japanese EquityClass A (EUR) - 2 AccEUR12.8462-0.1313
Japanese EquityClass A (USD) - 2 AccUSD13.2679-0.1354
Japanese EquityClass D - 2 AccGBP3.4050-0.0079
Japanese EquityClass I - 2 AccJPY106521.9723-1086.3227
Japanese EquityClass I (USD) - 2 AccUSD14.4467-0.1452
Japanese EquityClass S (EUR) - 2 AccEUR12.5934-0.1285
Japanese EquityClass U - 2 AccUSD13.7357-0.0025
Japanese Smaller CompaniesClass A - 2 AccJPY1440.0157-17.7033
Japanese Smaller CompaniesClass A (EUR) - 2 AccEUR22.7562-0.2802
Japanese Smaller CompaniesClass A (USD) - 2 AccUSD17.3698-0.2135
Japanese Smaller CompaniesClass D - 2 AccGBP10.2469-0.0448
Japanese Smaller CompaniesClass I - 2 AccJPY1405.5309-17.2479
Japanese Smaller CompaniesClass I (EUR) - 2 AccEUR15.4203-0.1884
Latin American EquityClass A - 2 AccUSD3878.0520-53.1185
Latin American EquityClass A (EUR) - 2 AccEUR7.7877-0.1071
Latin American EquityClass I - 2 AccUSD4729.3185-64.6720
North American EquityClass A - 2 AccUSD26.5022-0.3905
North American EquityClass D - 2 AccGBP20.4775-0.3461
North American Smaller CompaniesClass A - 2 AccUSD14.8604-0.2264
North American Smaller CompaniesClass I - 2 AccUSD20.2658-0.3083
Responsible World EquityClass A - 2 AccUSD11.4999-0.1185
Responsible World EquityClass I - 2 AccUSD11.9357-0.1228
Russian EquityClass A - 2 AccEUR8.7201-0.1199
Russian EquityClass I - 2 AccEUR736.9909-10.1211
Technology EquityClass A - 2 AccUSD5.4506-0.0723
Technology EquityClass D - 2 AccGBP4.2301-0.0653
UK EquityClass A - 2 AccGBP24.1695-0.2864
UK EquityClass D - 1 IncGBP20.0277-0.2374
World EquityClass A - 2 AccUSD18.9471-0.1619
World EquityClass D - 2 AccGBP14.6960-0.1573
World EquityClass I - 2 AccUSD13.0566-0.1113
World Resources EquityClass A - 2 AccUSD11.7488-0.1226
World Resources EquityClass A (EUR) - 2 AccEUR11.4122-0.1189
World Resources EquityClass I - 2 AccUSD2349.2639-24.4861
World Resources EquityClass S (EUR) - 2 AccEUR11.1083-0.1158
World Smaller CompaniesClass A - 2 AccUSD14.8088-0.0911
World Smaller CompaniesClass I - 2 AccUSD15.1861-0.0932

1Movement on previous price.

Prices may be delayed under certain circumstances.