Offering Documents

Important Information

  • Aberdeen Global as an umbrella fund has within it different funds investing in equities or debt securities, each with different risk profile
  • Certain funds may be exposed to a single market, emerging markets, limited industry sectors, mortgage-backed securities and asset backed securities
  • Investors should note that certain funds may invest in currency forward contracts, futures and options for investment purposes and in these and other financial derivative instruments for the purpose of investment, hedging or efficient portfolio management
  • Investing in any one or the above instruments may involve substantial credit/counterparty, concentration, market and liquidity risks. If the issuers default or such securities, or their underlying assets, cannot be realised or perform badly, investors’ entire investments may be wiped out
  • The investment decision is yours but you should not invest unless the intermediary who sells it to you has advised you that it is suitable for you and has explained why, including how buying it would be consistent with your investment objectives
  • Investors should not make investment decision(s) based solely on these documents

Certain data in these documents has been obtained from sources from third parties and is believed to be reliable but Aberdeen Standard Investments (Hong Kong) Limited does not guarantee the accuracy of such data. These documents have not been reviewed by the Securities and Futures Commission.