General Investor Warning: Investment Fraud - Protect yourself

The Aberdeen Asset Management Group (Aberdeen Group) is from time to time subject to and made aware of scams that have the potential to affect investors and may, in the worst case scenario, lead to individuals, who may or may not be investors, losing money. Some instances have involved investors being approached by fraudsters requesting investors to invest in funds that do not exist. Information on all our publicly available funds can be found on our website. If you are approached or provided details of a fund in which you are invited to invest, please check our website for information. If such information is unavailable, please contact us immediately so that we can assist you to ascertain whether the fund is a legitimate fund of Aberdeen Group. We do not 'cold call' investors so any call you receive from someone asking for your investment or personal information is not a legitimate call from the Aberdeen Group.

Always keep your investor information secure and safe.

Investor Warning (March 2017): Fraudulent Aberdeen Group’s staff

It has come to the attention of the Aberdeen Group that persons unrelated to us have been attempting to impersonate a member or members of our staff and soliciting personal information from members of the public for further contact. There is a risk that this kind of unauthorized contact may seek to encourage members of the public to provide personal information.

Aberdeen Group wishes to alert members of the public of this incident involving fraud by people impersonating Aberdeen Group’s staff who solicit for contact or discussion on behalf of our staff. Please be aware that such invitation from the impersonator does not relate to any of the Aberdeen Group's products and has not been authorised by the Aberdeen Group. These invitations are fraudulent and as soon as we became aware of such incident we have notified the relevant regulatory authorities accordingly, and reminded our staff member to be vigilant about handling of this kind of incident.

Investor Warning (September 2014): Fraudulent Aberdeen Asset Management websites targeting Chinese investors

It has come to our attention that persons unrelated to Aberdeen Group have been attempting to use the “Aberdeen Asset Management” name and branding, along with details of some of our staff including photos, to seek to perpetrate internet fraud. Unauthorised Aberdeen Group websites have been established, and may be attempting to sell financial products online and/or to encourage members of the public to provide personal information.

We are aware of the following fraudulent URL:

and it is possible that other fraudulent sites are created.

Please be aware that such websites (and any material, publication or communication contained within them) do not relate to any of the Aberdeen Group's products and have not been established or authorised by the Aberdeen Group. These are fraudulent and as soon as we become aware of such sites we notify the relevant regulatory authorities accordingly, and also work with internet service providers to block the fraudulent use of our domain name(s).

The only websites that are established and authorised by the Aberdeen Group in China (and Hong Kong SAR) are: (China) (Hong Kong SAR)

If you access a website that does not appear to be one of the above official Aberdeen websites, or if you have any other doubt over the veracity of a website, a publication or a person purporting to work for an Aberdeen Group company, do not offer any personal information, end your call or session.

If you feel you have any concerns regarding a potential fraud or the security of your investment, please contact our client services team using the details on our Contact Us page.